Domains $7.49 - Why Pay More? 


What could the Body of Christ do with Billions of dollars a year to evangelize and re-instate Christian values in America?

There is a program to called the Kingdom Grant Program which is designed to do EXACTLY that!   (we are NOT trying to sell you ANYTHING!)

We want to invite you to be a witness to a technology demonstration, in your area, that may entitle you to receive Free Electricity for life. This is a FREE GIFT to you, costing you absolutely nothing! Just sign-up on the site. The video will explain how you can be a part of this exciting project by paying nothing and merely attending the demonstration when you are invited to do so.
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Feel free to invite your friends, family and members of your congregation to take part in this project for free as you did.  Please help us by getting this important information out to everyone you know!




To people who say something is "Impossible" Click Here

"Plan for Free Electricity"

For those who have "Ears To Hear"

Negawat & Tesla Coil Demo  

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